Top Paw Pick: Artie

Today’s available dog highlight is Artie, a 4-year-old Min Pin.

Artie was recently diagnosed as having diabetes. His foster family is working hard to get this condition under control so Artie can live a long and happy life. Artie will need a forever home committed to keeping him healthy and managing his condition.  His medical supply costs: average $95/month.

For more information on diabetes in dogs, please visit:


His foster family shared this: “Artie has been with us for almost 8 months; he is such a sweet dog.  He is a little shy when he meets new people, but warms up quickly once he gets to know you. Artie does well in a kennel and out of a kennel, he has his special blanket in our dining room that he knows is his place to rest.  He also likes to cover himself up under a blanket. He lets us know when he has to do his duty by standing by the back door when he’s ready to go outside.

We found out in January that he is a diabetic and he does need an insulin shot two times per day; every 12 hours for the rest of his life to keep him healthy.  It is not hard at all to give shots, I was nervous at first giving them but I learned something new.  I wanted to do this because I didn’t want to let Artie down.   Just because he has this it doesn’t change that he’s a great dog!!  I would be happy to show you how to give the shots.  After the shots, I give him a treat and tell him he’s a good boy!

Artie says:  My foster family has done a great job on handling this for me.  Please don’t let this scare you away from adopting me.  I am still the same dog I was before I found out I was diabetic.  If you have any questions about me, just ask my foster mom.  Artie~~

Artie is full of energy and would love to go for a walk with you.  He also likes to go for car rides!”

If you are interested in Artie and would like to provide him a forever home, please fill out an adoption application.

*A wonderful volunteer and her nephew collected aluminum cans all winter and collected $25 to go towards Artie’s adoption fee! Thank you!

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