Rescued Pugs: Paying the Price for Poor Breeding

We were contacted about a family of Pugs covered in mange and in desperate need of veterinary care. The bottom right is the dad,  Spike, and the other three are 4-month-old pups, Mohawk (top left), Gizmo (top right) and Gladys (bottom left). They were being treated them with Neosporin because “That’s what the Internet said to do.” The pups have never seen a vet, and their breeder would rather sell them before paying for any vet care. Three of their litter mates unfortunately died before we were contacted.

Update on Mohawk: Mohawk had a good report at the emergency vet — he’s a  little anemic, but all other numbers look good. He has demodex mange and another skin infection. He also has ulcers in both eyes. The good news  is, this is all treatable. The bad new is there isn’t a quick fix, so it’s going to take some time to get him healthy.

Another udpate: Spike, Mohawk, Gizmo and Gladys are all getting treatment and are all in wonderful foster homes. They are all doing well, but still have a very long road ahead of them. Mohawk, Gizmo and Gladys have all started their own blogs so you can follow their journey. After we took the four Pugs into rescue, we were contacted by the person who purchased Ivy, the other sibling to Mohawk, Gizmo and Gladys. Ivy (bottom left) is now in a foster home and is also getting the treatment she needs.

Please know that our intention is to educate people by telling the  story of these babies. This is just an example of what goes on ‘behind  the scenes’ with some breeders, and this is far from being the worst of  it. We want to encourage people to thoroughly research what and who they are supporting when they buy a puppy from a breeder or a pet store – in many cases, you won’t be comfortable with what you find out. So –  adopt! As for this particular breeder, there is no law in place that  allows for action against them. Rather than focusing on that, we are  focusing on getting these pups healthy and educating people so that they can make a good decision – and we would ask that you do the same.

We’ll spend hundreds and probably thousands of dollars getting these  guys healthy. Please consider donating to help cover the cost of care  for these poor dogs. They have a long road ahead of them, but with care  and treatment they will grow up to have happy, healthy lives.

If you would like to make a donation, please click here and mention it’s for the Pugs in the comment section. We will not be accepting applications for these guys until they are healthier.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

About 4luvofdog

We are a 100% Volunteer run, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs. ~2013: We are proud that we accepted into our rescue 109 dogs from local pounds last year. That is in addition to the 107 dogs from various regional pounds and the 174 owner surrenders that we took in. We also took in 71 dogs from the Wheatland puppy mill, and had 47 dogs born in the rescue. That’s a total of 508 dogs! In 2013 4 Luv of Dog Rescue adopted out 495 dogs! We are based in Fargo, North Dakota. All of our dogs are in foster homes, our facility, or are being cared for at local boarding facilities. When accepting a dog into our rescue program we will not discriminate based on breed, age, size or medical condition. All dogs will be treated equally and every effort will be put forth to find the dog a new home. In order for us to continue saving the lives of dogs, we must have the foster home and monetary resources to care for them. Please consider helping us to save these dogs by becoming a foster home or making a monetary donation. With your help, together we can make a difference in the lives of these unfortunate homeless dogs. We receive NO government funding and rely upon grants, fundraising and your generous donations to pay our expenses. Thank you!
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