Pets Recognized in Valley Midweek Marketplace

Beginning Feb. 2, the Metro Weekly, currently known as the Valley Midweek Marketplace, began a pet section that features a pet available for adoption.

We are thrilled that one of our own was featured recently. Our organization has many pets waiting for new homes and this helps spread the word. Each week showcases an animal available for adoption. It will include a photo and description of the animal and business information. We will be rotated in this ad space among various organizations each week.

Check out Klaus’ ad to the right!

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About 4luvofdog

We are a 100% Volunteer run, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs. In 2012, we rescued 371 dogs and found new homes for 375 dogs. We are based in Fargo, North Dakota. All of our dogs are in foster homes, our facility, or are being cared for at local boarding facilities. We receive NO government funding and rely upon grants, fundraising and your generous donations to pay our expenses.
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