Order Norwex – 20% of sales go to the dogs!

Independent Norwex Consultant, Sara McGregor-Okroi, is currently offering 20% of sales to our rescue when Norwex products are purchased through her website, www.tossthechemicals.com, and when using coupon code “4 Luv of Dog”.

All Norwex products support the company’s mission to improve the quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.

The line of cleaning products will save you time & money, improve health, and move towards creating a better environment. Norwex microfiber goes beyond “surface clean” with the innovative use of silver particles integrated into synthetic microfiber cloth ensure:

  • Single-celled micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses cannot survive or adapt in silver exposure
  • Surface-to-surface cross-contamination is eliminated
  • Rapidly drying cloths prevent bacteria growth in the cloth itself

Cleaning with water only produces a healthy outcome for us and the environment, and by ordering now…for the dogs!!

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About 4luvofdog

We are a 100% Volunteer run, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs. In 2012, we rescued 371 dogs and found new homes for 375 dogs. We are based in Fargo, North Dakota. All of our dogs are in foster homes, our facility, or are being cared for at local boarding facilities. We receive NO government funding and rely upon grants, fundraising and your generous donations to pay our expenses.
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