Photo Contest

2nd Annual Pet Portrait Contest
May 15 – July 15, 2010

4 Luv of Dog is sponsoring its 2nd Annual Pet Portrait Contest. Photos will be judged and prizes awarded in the following categories:

  • Beauty & the Beast
  • Picture (too) Perfect
  • LOL (Laugh Out Loud)

1st Place Winners (one for each category) will receive $100.00 worth of prizes.               2nd Place Winners (one for each category) will receive $55.00 worth of prizes.

Anyone living in the United States may enter. You may enter multiple photos of any pet cat or dog. We are asking for a $5.00 (minimum) donation entry fee for each photo submitted.

Click here for more info and instructions for submitting your photo entries.

Go to 4 Luv of Dog Rescue to see more about our organization!




Contest Categories:

1) Beauty and the Beast (photo of pets and humans, or photo of more than one pet, who is the beauty, who is the beast?

2) Picture (too) Perfect (photo that almost looks like it was taken by a professional, but it wasn´t, no professional photos allowed!)

3) LOL-Laugh Out Loud (you can´t help but laugh out loud when you see this photo).


1st Place Winners receive $100.00 worth of prizes: One $25.00 gift card for PetSmart; One Small Dog Gift Basket ($35.00 value) of homemade treats from Waggy Tail Treats; One $25.00 gift certificate to shop on-line at Waggy Tail Treats; One 4 Luv of Dog T-shirt (navy, Large, $15.00 value).

2nd Place Winners receive $55.00 worth of prizes: One $15.00 gift card for PetSmart; One toy/treat bag from Natural Pet Center ($30.00 value); One custom made aluminum i.d. tag from BowWowzerZ ($10.00 value).

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About 4luvofdog

We are a 100% Volunteer run, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs. In 2012, we rescued 371 dogs and found new homes for 375 dogs. We are based in Fargo, North Dakota. All of our dogs are in foster homes, our facility, or are being cared for at local boarding facilities. We receive NO government funding and rely upon grants, fundraising and your generous donations to pay our expenses.
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