Young Springer Spaniel Mix, Hit by Car

Young Springer Spaniel Mix, Hit by Car, Enters Our Rescue
Financial Assistance Needed for Surgery Expenses

UPDATE: Another Veterinarian believes that Misty will not need orthopedic surgery. From reviewing a second set of x-rays it looks like her elbow is healing nicely on its own. She probably won’t have full range of motion in her leg once she is healed but should be OK. A new support cast has been put on her leg to stabilize it.

Misty is schedule for eye surgery on Thursday, September 24th, to fix her two cherry eyes.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated towards Misty’s medical expenses. Thankfully, she doesn’t need the expensive leg surgery so donated money will be used to pay for the surgery for her cherry eyes, xrays, pain medications and other veterinary expenses.


This sweet little girl was hit by a car on September 1st. A good samaritan brought her to the emergency vet clinic where they assessed her injuries and determined she had a broken elbow. Because her owner was unknown and for legal reasons, the emergency vet clinic sent her to the local pound. She spent 3 days there waiting for her owner to come get her. Sadly they never came looking for her.

Once her 3 day hold was complete, our rescue was immediately at the pound ready to accept her into our rescue. We were fully aware of her injuries and the potential that her leg may have to be amputated. Some rescues refuse to take in dogs with expensive to treat injuries….but not us!

A local veterinarian has determined that there is a quarter size chip off the tip of her elbow. She believes it will be very difficult to try to reattach with a pin and possibly the leg should be amputated. Another regional vet, who has more experience with this type of injury, is being contact for a second opinion. Regardless of the type of surgery needed, our organization must once again ask our wonderful supporters for financial assistance to help pay for this surgery.

We have named this sweet girl Misty. You may see more info about and pics of Misty here.

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